In October 2023, the Irwin Cotler Fellowship welcomed its second cohort, bringing together 15 of the best and brightest international students, selected from over 80 applicants. The fellows are from diverse academic disciplines—from security and diplomacy to law, conflict resolution, and environmental studies—and from 12 different countries, including Belgium, New Zealand, Nigeria, India, Hungary, the United States, Colombia, Norway, Turkey, Austria, Portugal, and Denmark.

The Program involves lectures and discussions on present-day challenges to democracy, human rights, and justice; acquaints fellows with Israeli history and with the historical and human landscapes of the country; and instructs them about the history of racism and antisemitism, specifically their present-day manifestations and the means to fight them.

Fellows are also equipped with public speaking and grassroots organizational skills so they can deliver workshops on promoting democracy, defending human rights and fighting racism in their language in their home countries.

The fellows engage with a variety of points of view and are encouraged to explore the issues studied independently and originally.

You are welcome to meet our current fellows! To meet last year's fellows, click here.