On Saturday, May 25, Nathaniel Myking Udjus, a Cotler Fellow from 2022-2023, organized a support rally for Israel and against antisemitism in his hometown of Grimstad, Norway, together with several local political parties and political organizations. The rally drew over 500 participants from around Southern Norway, expressing their support for Israel and disagreement with the Norwegian government's policies.

After Nathaniel welcomed those in attendance, a minute of silence was held for the victims of October 7 and the ongoing war. Among the speakers were Mr. Conrad Myrland, the CEO of MIFF (With Israel for Peace), Europe's largest pro-Israel organization with some 14,000 members in Norway alone, Erik Selle, the Konservativt party leader, and other local politicians. A local singer also performed HaTikvah. Following the rally, some 250 people filled a nearby conference hall where Mr. Myrland delivered a lecture entitled "Norway's Cold Front to Israel and Antisemitism on the Political Left."